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New Google Earth 6 with more Reality

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yesterday, Google has released its latest version of Google Earth. Now you are able to explore your favorite place, plan a holiday trip and find your home with the help of more real tools.

Google Earth 6 has introduced two new features
1st Integrated Street View
2nd 3D Trees

Below is an overview of this new Google Earth.

Google has also improved historical image views that you can easily feel. For more information you can read Google’s LatLong blog.

Google AdWords has taken new initiatives for small to medium businesses in India on its 10th Birthday

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Google AdWords has completed its 10 year this month. From now all small or medium business owners can share their stories and success with Google AdWords. All advertisers can submit their stories or a small YouTube videohere. Advertisers can tell Google about their business, their services, role of Google AdWords in their success etc.

Google has taken two initiatives for Indian Advertisers.

First, Google has launched a new call center in Hyderabad which will provide support to businesses in various regional languages. This call center will provide customer support to all business men who are interested in online advertising.

Second, Google has introduced “Google Engage” . This is a training program for local businesses who offer internet-based services.

See the below screenshot of “Google Engage”.

Google Engage will provide support for your client with Google AdWords and other Google Products.

Start growing your business with three basic steps of this new Google Product.

  • Register
  • Get educated
  • Grow your business.

It will help you in digital advertising, marketing and online success of any business. So, try it now.

Now Four Results from Same Domain - Google' Petits Fours

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recently Google has made a change to show more search results from a same domain. Google has made this change for certain type of queries. It will help you in getting improved search quality and speed.

Formerly, you can see a maximum of two results from the same domain. But from now you can see up to 4 results from the same domain (Google' Petits Fours).

Fox example if you search for net4india on Google, you will find 4 results including one main result and 3 other single line snippets for additional results.

Google will show these results only if it finds a site more relevant to the search query. It will allow you to directly browse the pages in which you are interested.

Google Announced a New AdSense Interface Globally

After considering a large amount of feedback, Google has introduced a new interface for AdSense publishers.

This new interface will help you in following areas:

Improved Insights will let you know about ads performance. It will also provide a graphical representation of daily stats.

More control over ads allows better management of ads through “Ad Review Center”. It is much easier than the prior AdSense interface.

More Efficient Account Management helps you in easy management of ad units as well as you can easily see your payment information, reports etc.

Google has taken a good step for all AdSense Publishers.

How to setup Goal and Funnel in Google Analytics?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All of us are aware of Google Analytics tool, which is used to measure any site’s traffic.

Goal is a useful metric which measures conversion rate of any website. Goals can measure your business sales, signups, newsletters subscriptions, enquiries etc. Goals can also track other actions of your website to which you want to track.

In every goal, we can define its steps. A funnel represents complete visualization of what is happening on every step of your goal. For example if a signup process consists of 3 steps, then a funnel will show you how many users have entered on step1, step2 and step3. It will also provide details of entry and exit pages on each step.

At first, you need to decide which goal you want to track and the conversion page. Usually conversion page is “thank you” page or the page which confirms that a conversion has been completed.

Secondly, you need to define the goal steps. Once you have completed the above process, login to your Google Analytics Account and start creating a goal.

In goal creation you need to select a match type from three options:
Exact Match
Head Match
Regular Expression Match

Exact Match
It uses regex and not suitable for dynamic URLs.

Head Match
It does not use regex and matches the ‘head’ section of the page url.

Regular Expression Match
It uses regex and suitable for complex urls.

Then, you need to put the Goal URL according to the selected match type. After that you can give a desired name to goal and its value in terms of conversion.

If you want funnel visualization for your goal, you must fill the steps for that goal. There is a checkbox named “required step” is used to inform Google Analytics to only record the goal if the visitor has been entered through step1.

If you have not checked the “required step” checkbox then the funnel visualization will show you the entrance points, exit points and the drop off rate at each step. It will help you in identifying at which step you are loosing more visitors. Then you can improve your goal conversion rate by removing or improving that step.

One Important thing that is a visitor converts the same goal within the same session, it will count as a single goal conversion.

If you want to just test the goal initially, you can create a goal in website’s test profile. Once you are satisfied with your goal, you can implement it to your main profile.