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Google AdWords has taken new initiatives for small to medium businesses in India on its 10th Birthday

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Google AdWords has completed its 10 year this month. From now all small or medium business owners can share their stories and success with Google AdWords. All advertisers can submit their stories or a small YouTube videohere. Advertisers can tell Google about their business, their services, role of Google AdWords in their success etc.

Google has taken two initiatives for Indian Advertisers.

First, Google has launched a new call center in Hyderabad which will provide support to businesses in various regional languages. This call center will provide customer support to all business men who are interested in online advertising.

Second, Google has introduced “Google Engage” . This is a training program for local businesses who offer internet-based services.

See the below screenshot of “Google Engage”.

Google Engage will provide support for your client with Google AdWords and other Google Products.

Start growing your business with three basic steps of this new Google Product.

  • Register
  • Get educated
  • Grow your business.

It will help you in digital advertising, marketing and online success of any business. So, try it now.


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