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Holiday Update for Google Webmaster Tools

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Google has announced new updates for Google Webmaster Tool. It was declared at Google Webmaster Central Blog on Dec 10. This update includes new modifications in “Links to your site” and “Search queries” features.

“Search Queries” Feature Update
Based on user feedback, Google has made some changes to its “Search Queries” section. User can now see the “Search Queries” data for individual pages of site. Now, when user visit “Top Queries” tab, he will find a new Tab named “Top Pages”. This “Top Pages” tab will provide impressions, clicks, CTR and position data for all the top pages of user’s website who are performing good on Google search results.

To see the queries along with their impressions and clicks, user can simply click on the individual page.

 User can also click on the specific query to see the detailed data.

A pie chart is also added for visual representation of the proportions of search type, traffic and its location.

“Links to your site” Feature Update
Google has introduced an “Intermediate Link” concept in which, if there is a link to user’s site that links to URL1 which further redirects to URL2. Then the link from URL1 to URL2 will be shown as an intermediate link. User can also see new “Download all links” option for all tables of “links to your site” feature.

Google is continuously upgrading its tools for providing better data to us. Hope you are pleased with that. Happy Holidays :)


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