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Google Maps User Interface Changes

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Google is experimenting new changes for users in Google Maps. Google is continuously trying with new controls for navigation. Various Map features like white buttons for selecting maps or/and satellite view, drop down list for viewing buzz updates, photos and many other geo-taggable features will go away very soon. They will be replaced with stylish and graphical icons when you hover the mouse over them.

You can see many more features in “more” column. Every option from this “more” button includes some changes & new features added to Google Maps.

Recently, the Google Maps team has announced Google Hotpot activity integration into Google Maps. Google Hotpot is also available as iPhone Application. Maps has also introduced 45° imagery feature, which include high-resolution images of locations near United States. Google will also cover some social space more, as buzz is already integrated.


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