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Google Partners with Edgenet for High Quality Product Data

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Google has taken an initiative to show high quality product data, it will help you for finding products offline in local stores. Google has also recently launched a new shopping website named You can browse more products with additional improvements in Google Product Search. There are also product listing ads which are open for US advertisers since last November.

In short, there are lot of improvements in Google Product Search and Product Advertising by Google. Now you can get more detailed data through Google’s Partnership with Edgenet.

Edgenet is a leading product content collection company to drive first time offering to manufacturers and suppliers. Edgenet has described its relationship with Google in following words…

“This service delivers complete and correct product information to help consumers find the products they’re looking for on and Google Product Search…….. Ensuring that shoppers have access to accurate and complete product data will improve the online shopping experience, and help consumers, retailers and suppliers”

This product data quality will ensure product content meets and standards which are set by Google. You can simple check a product page to find more information.

This high quality product data has also impacted organic search results on Google. A search result page for Canon digital camera will now look like below.

You can see the product search images in the center of the page while product listing ads are on the right of the page.

I am sure that this improved Product Search will help you in finding your product quickly.


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