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Now Link Your Google Analytics Account to Webmaster Tools

Friday, February 18, 2011

According to Webmaster Tools Central Blog, If you are a site owner and using same Google account for both Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools, then you can link your webmaster tool verified website to analytics profile for that website.

Now it is possible to access your analytics data through webmaster tools. You can directly access the referring sites report of your analytics profile through “Links to your site” page in webmaster tool.

Also you can easily access your analytics data without login to Google analytics account. You can simply access the analytics account from the navigation link on the top left of webmaster tools. In case of multiple website owners, each owner has to link its own webmaster profile to analytics account.

If you have a webmaster tools verified site and want to link it with Google analytics account. Just follow below 2 steps.

Go to the home page of webmaster tools, click on manage next to the site you want to connect with analytics account. Then click on Google analytics profile

Then select the website profile and save it.

Associate Google analytics profile


Shady Lady said...

I just stumbled upon this and I'm SO glad I did. Thanks for all the useful info!

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