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New AdWords Home Page Design By Google

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Google has launched a new home page design for AdWords account. Features like account alerts summary and account performance graph are remain same but you can customize this home page as per your requirement. You can choose various parts of your account that matters more for you.

Google has done this change on the basis of feedback received by various Google Advertisers. Different advertisers want different snapshot of their AdWord account home page to quickly view various aspects of their account.

Google AdWords Home Page Design

There are some metrics you want to view quickly just after you login to your account. The modules which you will see in your home page are based on saved filters in you campaign interface. Initially Google has added some default filters in it, but you can delete those default filters and customize them in your own way.

To learn more about this AdWords home page design, please visit AdWord Help Center.


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