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Google Street View Photographs must have 100% Anonymity said Swiss Court

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Recently Swiss Court demands 100% Anonymity in all Photographs of Google Street View. Swiss Court says that Google must blur all the faces and licenses in these photos, even if they have to blur them manually.

Swiss Federal Administrative Court has taken a decision on 4th April 2011 and this is one piece of them. Currently company’s automated blurring system blurs 98-99% of faces and licenses. Google has also argued that blurring by hand will be very expensive; also if many other countries followed the same rule.

After this verdict, Google’s global privacy counsel Mr. Peter Fleischer, Shared:

"We have received the court’s verdict and are currently assessing its implications. We are very disappointed because Street View has proved to be very useful to millions of people as well as businesses and tourist organisations. More than one in four of the Swiss population has used it since the service launched in Switzerland. We’ll now take some time to consider what this means for Street View in Switzerland and our appeal options."

This verdict has many other points which must be followed by Google. Formerly Google has faced many challenges and slow downs in other countries.

You can read the full Original Swiss Article also.


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