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Google Correlate: Better Approach to Search Keyword Trends and Popularity with Real World Data

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do you love the search data? If yes then Google Correlate can now provide you search data that corresponds to the real world trends. Sometimes it is quite helpful to know search trends when you have a millions of keywords or search queries. Google has provided us lots of tools by which we can gather search data. Some tools like Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Google Insights for Search and Google Trends really provide useful data.

Google Correlate
Now by using Google Correlate, you can find the data that correlates with the real world trends. To use this you can simply enter the search terms then Google will show you the matching patterns. You can also upload your own data to see charts in time and space metrics both.

Read what Google said about this new tool:
“Google Correlate is an experimental new tool on Google Labs which lets you use the same methodology and data as Google Flu Trends.”

“Google Correlate is like Google Trends in reverse. With Google Trends, you type in a query and get back a series of its frequency (over time, or in each US state). With Google Correlate, you enter a data series (the target) and get back queries whose frequency follows a similar pattern.”

For now you can enter time-based of state-based data, no international data is allowed. See the below example of search trends for “data recovery”.

Time series comparison

Time series comparison

US states comparison

US states comparison

Visit Google Correlate now to found interesting and useful search trends.

Create New AdWords Accounts in MCC without Login & Password

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Google has rolled out a new feature by which anyone can create new Google AdWords accounts within MCC (My Client Center) without a login and password.  This new optional-login accounts feature will allow users and firms to create AdWords accounts without creating a separate email address and password for the new account.

Google has also provided some tips on how to use this feature:

Creation of optional-login accounts in Google AdWords:
Click on the "Create Account" button within your MCC, then complete the three required fields: account name, time zone and currency. You’ll also see a collapsible link to “Invite another user (optional),” which provides the option to invite a user to the account. Even if you opt not to, once you click "Save", you'll have a new, live account.

If users want account to have a login:
You can either “Invite another user (optional)” during the account creation process or follow the normal process for inviting a user to an AdWords account: go to the “My Account” tab, click on “Account Access” and choose the link “Invite other users”.

Optional-login accounts notifications:
Red Alert Account Notifications (such as billing notifications or policy violations emails) will be sent to the email address associated with the MCC. For non-red alerts, make sure you’ve opted into notifications on the "My Client Settings" page at the MCC level. You also may opt into performance suggestions and newsletters specifically for the optional-login account. Such notifications will be sent to the email address associated with the MCC.

Instant Previews in Google Webmaster Tools

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Google has launched instant previews in November, 2010 which shows a quick preview of the search results to user.

Sometimes instant previews look different from what users see on your websites. In this case Google is having some problem in crawling your site. These problems may contain:

  • Resources blocked using robots.txt file
  • Flawed content served to Googlebot
  • Bad alternate content for flash (if flash is not available)

Now Google has introduced a new Instant Previews Tool, using that all webmasters can diagnose their website problems and rectify them.

In Instant Preview Tool at Google Webmaster, webmasters can compare their site as they open in browser (like chrome) and its instant preview. Google recommends using alternative content for flash and silverlight because the webkit that generates both renders does not include plugins.

Instant Previews

You can also see a list of problems which Google is facing while crawling your site.