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Instant Previews in Google Webmaster Tools

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Google has launched instant previews in November, 2010 which shows a quick preview of the search results to user.

Sometimes instant previews look different from what users see on your websites. In this case Google is having some problem in crawling your site. These problems may contain:

  • Resources blocked using robots.txt file
  • Flawed content served to Googlebot
  • Bad alternate content for flash (if flash is not available)

Now Google has introduced a new Instant Previews Tool, using that all webmasters can diagnose their website problems and rectify them.

In Instant Preview Tool at Google Webmaster, webmasters can compare their site as they open in browser (like chrome) and its instant preview. Google recommends using alternative content for flash and silverlight because the webkit that generates both renders does not include plugins.

Instant Previews

You can also see a list of problems which Google is facing while crawling your site.


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