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Google Encourages Use of “Google Apps for Business”

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If you are a Google Analytics user, hopefully you have received following mail from Google Analytics Team...

“As you track your marketing campaigns and improve your website's performance using Google Analytics, you'll find that this type of work can often involve a lot of data, cross-team communication, and collaboration. Try Google Apps for Business, a suite of online office tools to help coordinate and manage your web efforts while also improving your overall business productivity.

Create company email accounts for all your employees to manage access to Analytics and other Google tools.

Use Google Docs to track and share web changes, tracking tags, and performance metrics

Use Google Calendar to keep track of your web changes and important updates

Even more, as a Google Analytics user, setting up Google Apps is easy. Use your Analytics account to easily verify that you own your domain and activate Google Apps. Learn More

The Google Analytics Team”

Introduction to Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business is a powerful suite of online tools which can help your business. You can access these web based tools from anywhere at anytime. These tools include Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs & Google Sites.

Through Business Email you can create a customized email id on your domain. You can access this email from anywhere at anytime using desktop, laptop, mobile phone & even in offline mood also. This business email provides you more space than any normal Gmail account.

Using Google Calendar, you can plan events, meetings and send invites to people. This calendar can easily manage RSVPs and is accessible from anywhere for company employees. You can also send text reminders by using this through mobile phone.

Through Google Docs all your company employees can access their updated files, presentations, data sheets, and spreadsheets from anywhere. Various file formats like doc, ppt, pdf and xls are supported by this application. You can easily access, upload and limit the access of files with this handy tool.

Google Sites will allow you to create internal sites to easily manage projects and other information. You can centralize all your company information with this secure application. Various free templates are there to make the website building process faster.

If you own a business, try these tools to better organize your business with a free 30 days trial.


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