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Who Looks & Clicks on Banner Ads (Infographic)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Did you know banner ads on internet appeared in 1994. They are made attractive and compelling so that the viewers will click on that ad, but their massive use caused viewers to be unresponsive towards them. Below infographic explains Who Looks and Clicks on Banner Ads.

Reasons people don’t click on banner ad-
  • 31% people only want to click on banner ad when they are in the mood or interested.
  • 31% people are worried about tracking of their internet behavior.
  • 46% people are worried about pop-ups will take over the screen.
  • 54% people don’t trust the banner ads.
  • 55% people are worried about getting a virus.
  • 57% people are worried about receiving spam.
  • 58% people don’t click on banner ads because they are not relevant to them.
  • 61% people don’t want to be distracted.

 Who Looks At Banner Ads Infographic